Is your birthday coming up and you want to go to Las Vegas yet can't afford to? Well let  M.A.D.A.M bring Vegas to you!  Maybe it's your wedding anniversary and you have no idea what to plan beyond the usual dinner celebration. M.A.D.A.M can help you plan a romantic, unique evening that will not only enhance the love you share but can reignite a spark you didn't know ever went out!  Are the girls from college coming into town and you need something fun to do? How about a Sex In The City theme with martinis and a fun, chic event in town!

I provide an array of services including but not limited to:

- Event Planning Assistance (for all occasions)
- Themed Gift Baskets
- Theme Parties ( i.e. Movie Night, Fight Night, Superbowl, Birthdays, Trunk Shows, Adult/Romance, Couples' Enjoyment, etc)

Just contact me and tell me what it is you envision and watch the magic unfold...It doesn't take a lot of money, just time and imagination!

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